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How does a Family become a PEL Lifetime Member?

Support PEL with a $125 donation and receive the widest array of free benefits for 12 months.  The PEL Member (Family up to 2 individuals) receives all of the services PEL offers with no additional charge; Expanded Website Access, Workshops, Events, Speakers, Panels, Publications, and a personal Advisory Session. In Years 2+, no additional donation required and  discounts apply to programming. Access to Expanded Website continues.

Can a Family sign up for advisory sessions, events, workshops or speakers without becoming a Member?

Yes. A Family can enjoy any of the above benefits (except for  Expanded Website Access) with individual contributions.

What kind of Programming does PEL offer?

PEL offers a wide array of programming for Families with children of all ages.

Annual Preschool Fairs and Summer Camp Fair

Workshops include the following:

  • Healthy Sleep Habits for your Baby
  • Safe Smarts for Every Child
  • Separation Anxiety
  • The Indulgence Trap
  • Learning Styles
  • Healthy Eating for Kids & You
  • When Stress is Good
  • Child Specialists/Therapists Panel
  • Preschool 101
  • Kindergarten 101
  • Hidden Academics of Preschool
  • Bilingual Education

Film Screenings have included the following:

  • The Race to Nowhere
  • Speaking in Tongues

Author Events have included Ashley Merryman and Vanessa Van Petten.

How does a School or Affiliate become a PEL Member?

A School or Affiliate can support PEL with a $125 donation, renewable every 12 months. In addition, School or Affiliate Members are identified as such and enjoy free attendance at the School Fairs as well as dedicated emails and contact.

Why is PEL a Non-Profit organization?

Like schools, we believe in serving the community. In order to make our growing resources accessible to as many people as possible, PEL has been founded as a 501©(3).

Are Donations to PEL Tax-Deductible?

Yes, to the extent of the law.

How does PEL evaluate families and schools?

We don’t. However, many of our Affiliate Members are Consultants and are able to provide those services.

Do you sell your Mailing Lists?

No way!


What kind of Volunteer Opportunities exist at PEL?

Many… please contact us for more info!