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Board of Directors

Executive Director

Kim Haselhoff

Kim has a passion for education research and policy, and understanding how kids learn best. She has a B.A. in history from UCLA,  and a PhD. in Political Science from UC Irvine.  Kim has taught at the college level at UCI, and also worked as a researcher at the UCLA School of Public Affairs.
Kim has two boys in public school in Los Angeles and her experience in choosing schools led her to develop talks for parents designed to guide them in the school search. Her focus was on explaining the latest research on learning, the skills students need for the 21st century, and outlining the landscape of public school choices in Los Angeles.
Kim has also been a long-time volunteer for her children’s schools, doing everything from driving on field trips to grant writing, outreach, fundraising and serving on the parent board. In her free time she enjoys yoga, hiking with her dog Kayla and attending her children’s many sports games!

You can reach Kim at khaselhoff@parentseducationleague.org

Board Members

Desiree Lapin

Curtis Estes

Margaret Andrews

Martha Eberts

David Fenton

Laura Brand

Joanna Port

Susan Stone

Stacy Kesner

Tre Conway

Kirsten Hanson-Press

Nathalie Kunin


Led by Kim, our growing corps of Volunteers strive to fulfill our mission in the most effective and efficient manner.