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Special Needs

The Parents Education League of Los Angeles has been contacted repeatedly by families seeking information regarding schools that can best serve children with special needs. As a resource, we are here to provide you information that you can use in your search.  The following entries and links are not all-inclusive and will be continuously updated.

  • Bridges Academy at www.bridges.edu/
  • Westmark at www.westmarkschool.org/ 
  • Frostig Center at www.frostig.org/
  • Park Century School at www.parkcenturyschool.org
  • The H.E.L.P. Group at www.thehelpgroup.org
  • Exceptional Minds at http://www.exceptionalmindsstudio.org/school.html#
  • The Center for Autism and Related Disorders at www.centerforautism.com
  • Behavioral Health Center at behavioralhealthconsultants.com/  
  • Child Development Institute at childdevelopmentinstitute.org/  
  • Center for the Developing Mind at centerforthedevelopingmind.com/
  • California Association of Private Special Education Schools at http://www.capses.com/

LA Magazine September 2010 Issue on Autism:

  • Schools:http://www.lamag.com/features/Story.aspx?id=1335681
  • Stories: includes Basics, Resources, & People: http://www.lamag.com/lahandbook/Story.aspx?ID=1335678   

Educational Therapists:

  • H.E.R.O.  (Helpful Educational Resource Organization): http://www.heroreading.com/
  • The Kelter Center: http://www.keltercenter.org/programs.html

Special Education Resources On-line:

  • Wikipedia Definition of Special Needs:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_needs
  • Wikipedia Definition of Special Ed:http://www.ask.com/wiki/Special_education  
  • Office of Child Care, CEO, LA County:http://ceo.lacounty.gov/ccp/cwsn.htm
  • First 5: California:http://www.first5california.com/Help/special_needs.asp
  • Los Angeles Examiner Blog:http://www.examiner.com/special-needs-kids-in-los-angeles
  • Special Needs Network, Los Angeles:http://www.specialneedsnetwork.net/
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles; HaMercaz, A Community of Support for
  • Families Raising Children with Special Needs http://www.jewishla.org/pages/special-needs  
  • About.com Special Children:http://specialchildren.about.com/
  • Federation for Children with Special Needs:http://fcsn.org/index.php
  • Special Needs Project: http://www.specialneeds.com/
  • Special Education Advisor:http://www.specialeducationadvisor.com/
  • Children with Special Needs by Parents:http://www.childrenwithspecialneeds.com/
  • Family Education:http://school.familyeducation.com/learning-disabilities/add-and-adhd/34388.html
  • LD Online: The Interactive Guide to Learning Disabilities offers information and ideas about learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children
  • Special Education for Special Children Many great links for all areas of special education
  • ADDResource.Com A hotlist for sources for ADD issues
  • Autism Today at www.autismtoday.com
  • American Sign Language Browser This site allows you to look up thousands of ASL signs
  • Blindness Resource Center Hotlist of resources for the blind
  • The Child Development Institute atchilddevelopmentinfo.com/